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  Africa Pavilion   Africa Zone C

-As in the past several world's fairs, various African nations will be exhibiting together in one hall. Nations incapable for funding their own exhibits are subsidized by the expo authority. Most African nations have modest exhibits, but there are sometimes hidden gems in their displays and with so many small nations, this is a great oportunity to talk with people from those countries and perhaps find out a bit more about countries you don't know much about. At the very least, you can fill up your passport quickly!

  Egypt Pavilion   Egypt Zone C

-One of the most anticipated pavilions by locals, it will be interesting to see what Egypt displays as they address the expo's theme of "Better City, Better Life."

  Libya Pavilion   Libya Zone C


  Morocco Pavilion   Morocco Zone C

-Tangier, Morocco waged an unsuccessful bid for Expo 2012, losing to Yeosu, Korea. As a unique country with influences from many different cultures, it usually has very rich, immersive displays encompassing visuals, music, and aromas.

  South Africa Pavilion   South Africa Zone C


  Tunisia Pavilion   Tunisia Zone C


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